Thursday, June 28, 2007

Beeble's NEW LOOK: "Beeble Earth"

To continue the emphasis on Nature and embodiment, Beeble has a new look called "Beeble Earth" - a mix of topsoil and hanging moss. Beeble Raccoon is still with us, but taking a much needed vacation: he's exhausted from all the teasing he got for being a furry!

I plan to continue my interviews and hope my new look won't be as much of a distraction as a six-foot raccoon. I suppose I could choose a more "normal" look, but why do that when it's so easy to make up something new and change it from time to time?

One of the SL residents Beeble Raccoon interviewed is Kyo Runo, an 18 year old woman from the UK who changed her avatar image constantly as I struggled to keep up with her. Her inventory of looks and skill at change-on-the-fly changes was amazing to watch - not to mention embarrassing for an avatar who still has trouble moving digitally!

Beeble may never become so adept, but it looks like there will be new looks to come!


Pappy Enoch said...

What in the Sam Hill am that THANG?

Oh, gawd. Nex' thang I'll be a bar.

I knows, Beeble, yu am SWAMPY THANG!

Mrena said...

People should read this.