Friday, May 23, 2008

Techno-glitch & SL Conference Presentation

The Matrix within the Matrix?

A brief update on my project with the SL scholars...

During the pre-conference activities, several presentations were scheduled to be held at Louisiana State University in their new Communication Across the Curriculum (CXC) lab.
Iggy and I were presenting our work separately since we had different projects, but while I was demonstrating, my laptop shut down! (and I had recently remarked about readiness for such an event) Fortunately Dr. Lillian Birdwell-Bowels was there to rescue me with a quick SL setup on her laptop while my avatar nodded off, my students became confused and I articulated some what we've found in our research.

It was somewhat confusing for my students, they were at least able to join Iggy's students in some text-chat and see what an academic poster-presentation might look like in SL. In spite of the chaos, the students were able to hear one of Iggy's guest speakers Cecil Hirvi who was using voice-chat which they all could hear and respond to in text. Chaos aside, my SL Scholars were able to post some interesting blog entries about their explorations of this new realm and its pedagogical potentials.