Wednesday, May 9, 2007

connection in SL

Though i've been a clear fan of biological embodiment, i have to admit that the two avatars i interviewed in Second Life remain on my mind - primarily because i've been too busy to get back in touch even though both Tonny & Faith tried.

So, this entry is about my awakening to the strength of a digitally made connection of friendship and a public apology to my two friends Tonny & Faith whom i've snubbed so rudely - i'm sorry. Thanks for taking the time to help me.

This is a whole new world that, without replacing the richness of our biological matrix, can be a new space where humans get along in new ways, perhaps evolving someday into a whole new form of social organization that augments rather than replaces embodied, face-to-face interaction.


Tonny Halderman said...

Hi Beeble;

The virtual entity Tonny Halderman greets you and wishes you best of luck and the carbon based entity Tony says: "Never mind mate!". So 'we' forgive you; please don’t pay any more attention to it.

And yes, SL and the like of Web 2.0 is about socialising, breaking down barriers and 'emerging as new species'. It’s about learning and understanding in new ways and will over time totally change the ways we interact.

CU inWorld ...

Pappy Enoch said...

Awright, varmint. Yu bin snubbin' udder folk in that-there mersheen wirld? Well, boy, it are time tu call yu out intu the sun at high-noon fer sum settlin' of matturs.

I know yu bin drinkin' my shine, tu!

Secund Life Hain't big enuf her both of us. Yu kin clik my linkerage tu see sum of my preppyrashuns.

Final Regords,

Pappy Enoch