Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Today, i was demonstrating the possibilities of SL to a friend by teleporting to a university campus. When i got there, it was fairly crowded, with a few conversations going on in my vicinity.

All of a sudden the air was filled with what looked like large posters with a very ugly image: an anime female who had suffered horrible genital mutilation. The few posters soon turned to a storm of posters as I tried to ask those around me (one an "officer") what was going on.

Nobody bothered to respond to me, but clearly everyone was aware of the ugly, violent images floating all around us. Then, just as suddenly, they all disappeared. My first assumption was that they had been detected and deleted by SL programmers. Upon further reflection, I considered that it might be a virus that runs for a determined length of time and then stops.

Whatever it was, it was UGLY - why would someone make something like that?
Erotica and pornography are not so troubling, but animated snuff? YUK!

Who has time to make that kind of crap?

After the flurry of posters was over, i realized i should have taken a picture, but then who'd want to see it? i suppose this was my first taste of sabotage in SecondLife...too bad it was so misogynist and politically pointless.

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Ignatius Onomatopoeia said...

It's called "prim litter" and it is a violation of SL's rules.

Two, actually: there's a rule against indecency in areas that are PG-zoned.

Sorry you saw this. We live in a sick world, and sadly it appears in SL as well.