Sunday, February 11, 2007

local prostitution

It seems that our university house in SL is located between a casino and a strip club. Naturally, I had to peek into the strip club...
Though I didn't see anything I would call "explicit" the walls were covered with images, some of which suggested avatar eroticism (if such a thing is even possible) but most of the spaces on the wall were open for advertising - the most widespread and perhaps the most damaging prostitution of all.

I've toured our house and watched a short video with Al Gore, but I haven't attended or planned any educational activities there yet. If I do, I think I'll want to use the upstairs classroom with all the pillows on the floor!

As long as it took me to learn how to move the throne into position, Beeble was bushed when I was done!

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belinda said...

The avatars are the new furries. you know the people who get off on animal costumes. It's a crazy crazy world eh?